First Time

o my god
this is the first time i type eng in my new blog
actually i had to set the blog in class
but there has some internet problems in LMC
so i set at home
it looks like i am a serious student ha

tomorrow cesl has a trip to fair
i really expect!!!
maybe i will take some pictures
if i still remember tomorrow XD

i had a presentation today
it was not gooooooooooooood
i thought....
it made me a little be sad...ˊˋ
i got ˇ+ later in my assignment
happy =ˇ=

tonight is a relaxed night
not much homework
becuz i just have 2 class tomorrow
wat a goooooooooooood day!!!!!

right now i am tired
i want to go to bed~~~
and sleep ha


紀瑋 said...

It looks fresh
bez no Taiwan idiom here XD

BTW... what's your phone number
in Taiwan?

chen said...

o really

actually i still don't want to tell u XDD
maybe u can guess ha

faloii^_^ said...

Why is your first post so long? -_-~ haha