journal Q #1

This my first time came to America. I
imaged that America is a very big state brfore,
but when i got here i was still shocked. There
were too many fields and forests. And the campus
was big. At first time I went to CESL, I got lost in
the campus. I really can not understand is that
what Walmart so far away is. I even can't walk to there. I think if I walk to

Walmart, I might not go to class tomorrow because my legs won't be mine anymore. Besides that
I think Carbondale is a goooooooood place! It is very quiet. I like quiet place. :'')

Let's talk about me, ha. My name is Chen, a very strange
name, but I still like it. I have not short but not long hair. I wish
my hair could grow quickly. I came from Taiwan not China. I

like to read in Chinese, ha. Right now I'm really missing Taiwan's
food. It does not mean American food is bad, but I will get fatter
and fatter if I eat a lot. Noooooo! I won't let it happen!!

That's some parts about me. The others are secret, ha!


Anna said...

Your post was a lot of fun and I liked the fact that you were creative with the formatting and the pictures.
Good job!

Ice said...