journal #6

i hope this is the last term i am here. i want to go to SIU~~~~. But that didn't mean i don't like CESL. I like cesl for sure. At here i know the other world than before such as different teaching skill and different people. I think i am here is happier than i was in Taiwan. I still can remember my first day i came here. And i really cannot forgot my first term here. I was in AE2 in that term. Because that is my first term here, so everything is new and unbelievable for me. I think i had a good teacher in my first term is lucky or i will think america is a strange place XD. There are too many memories in here, in Carbondale. It opened my mind, changed my life, and made many friends. I think i am lucky. When my friends study really hard in Taiwan, i am happy learning here. Some friends really cannot forgot the period when they abroad. Me, too. But the different is i still here but they went back.
AE2 is my happiest term because less stress and not much homework. And i met my first friend here. Sometime it is hard to say or explain, but it is in my mind. That is a memory i will always think again and again. Even though students are always complain CESL gave us too many homework, they still like CESL. Because of CESL, we can meet together. By the way, tea time is always a good memory XD. I won't say i want to take CESL again because people need to improve. But I will remember the time I am here.


journal #5

i think that is hard for me to think about the nervous time. i think my nervous always take long period. i stil remember the fisrt time i got nervous. that was in my junior high school. it is a music class, we had to sing in front of the class. that is really embarrassing because i am not a good singer. i was very very nervous when the number before me was singing because the next one was me!!!!!!!!!!!!
i even wanted to run out of the class....for sure, i didn't sing well because of nervous. that is my fisrt nervous experience. i hope i won't have twice. but that is impossible...so, i actually had my second nervous period. that was my first time came here at june last year. i was really nervous because that was the first time i took airplane by myself. i was afraid anything. i thought i will take the wrong plane to a strange place.XD i think i really don't like the feeling of nervous even though some people said nervous can improve you become better. but i think that is wrong, nervous always make me feel bad and less successful in the work. so, i hate nervous!!! GO AWAY~


journal #4

I don't have any activity for Valentine's Day... One reason is that I don't have boyfriend and the second reason is I don't want to go out. It's coooooooooooold!!!=="
Each girl wants to be a princess. And they are waiting for their prince. BUT not all the men are goooood!!!! WATCH OUT!!@@
My mom told a sentence to me before that is " Boyfriends and husband are different."
I really agree with that. They are different!! Maybe I will be broke up with boyfriends, but husband won't. Ok...maybe it can be broke up with husband, but in common thought, it's not good for women, so we avoid to do it. In my mind, I have a perfect man. I know that is a dream because he is too perfect to live in the world!!! XDD
The man I want to get marry should be thin... because I don't like fat guy.... I know that is not good if I just look his outside. But that is important for me.XD I like handsome guy!! Also he should be good at sport because I like to exercise. So, he should like, too. ^///^ And the most important is responsibility !! I think men should have this characteristic because that will make women feel a sense of security. Don't you think that this is the most one all women will care? I listened my friends complain to me about their boyfriend. So, I think pick a right person is very important.


Journal #3

I think misunderstanding could happen everywhere, especially in different language.
Recently, there are one thing happened. Last Friday, I went to Best Buy for my new computer. My computer was broke for few days. So, I wanted to buy a new one. I was looking for a long time. And then, I saw a Dell PC, its function is good and moniter looks nice and big. And, it also not too expensive. After that, I call the salesclerk to help me to get that one. Then, I paid money and check all stuffs in the box. When i was checking, I found that the moniter was different form the sample!!!!!!!!!! I was very confused because the moniter is not the one I looked. The one reason I want to bought that computer is the moniter is big and fashion. So, I asked the salesclerk what happened with my computer. He explained a lot to me, but I could not understand. I just wanted my good and fasion moniter!!!!!!!!! And I showed him where I saw the sample one. However, after looking that, he said that moniter is the upgrade one. So, if I want to buy that mmoniter, I had to pay more $80 = =". I was really, really shocked!!!!囧rz... This was a big misunderstanding!!!!!!!!
That's because I thought the moniter is include the package, but actually it didn't..... So sad ToT my fashion moniter~~~~
At the end, I really bought that fashion moniter. My $80....
So, please check and check before bought something....ask all the questions....


Journal Q2

Recently is our chinese new year. I want to introduce this holiday for everyone.=)
This holiday is include chinese culture and also chinese history.><" But new year is not just new year. It also combines our lunar calendar. Lunar calendar is very important to chinese. Before people do something big or important things such as marry or bury, people need to check the lunae calendar fist. If it says today is bad, people cannot do that. And it is difficult to explain why it cannot. I think other countries people will confuse that because they don't have this kind of culture. For instance, in chinese expectant mother cannot use scissors or move furniture in their room. Maybe some people will think that are weird. But that are the rules we follow. Culture in different countries are different especially Western and Eastern. Some people will think chinese culture is very mysterious. Because that iscludes so many things that science cannot explain. So, people have to learn different countries' culture and respect them. =]]] By the way, the holiday the most I like is Christman!!!!!!!!! Although thanksgiving is good shopping days..... But I like the snow and Santa,haha.XD


journal #1

In my life, there is a person change my so much. He is my club teacher in school. When I was in hight school, everyone had to join one club. And my roommate introduced me to join her club. That was my first time know about that club and this club changed me a lot. This club is about helping children. We will go to different elementary school and teach some children. During that time, the teacher teach me a lot like how be become out going person and to be friendly to everyone. I have to say that I changed a lot that time. I like this change because I have more and more friends. I appreciate that teacher. And the other person effect me a lot is my mom. She always tell me to be an independent girl. When I was child, I didn't know why my mom said that. And I hated to be an independent girl because I always wanted someone be with me. But my mom said I had to learn to be invidious. After I am living out, I finally understand that meaning. Because there's no one can really be with you. You have to learn live by yourself. I think when someone tell you something at that timing, maybe you can't understand why they say that. But when that real happen, you will final understand why they say that. It sounds weird, but it's true.


Practice Final

Yen-Jung Chen (Chen)
EAP2 WW- Practice Exam
December 3, 2008

Online shopping

Does shopping always make you tired? Do you feel upset that you cannot buy all things in one place? Now there is a new way for people can to shop easily. Online shopping is a new tendency for ways of shopping. Maybe you never shop online, but you should know what online shopping is. All things have both sides: positive and negative. Somebody thinks online shopping is good because that can save your time. But some people think online shopping has big risks. Although online shopping has different arguments, people cannot deny that online shopping is a global trend.

I believe that online shopping is good for our life. It makes our life become easier because people don’t have to take one or two hours to walk on streets. They can buy all things they need online. People don’t have to go out in winter or summer. They can just stay at home, open the computer and shop online. Also, shopping online is safe. People don’t have to worry about their information outflow. And people don’t have to go to many stores to find what they want or compare the prices. Online shopping can fix these questions at the same time. Therefore, online shopping has become popular now.

First, online shopping is convenient. In “Stay safe while shopping online” the author states, “There’s no question that shopping online is convenient. Online buying is not only a timesaver, but it allows you to get great deals when you compare prices of the same item from different online shops. The Internet is like a central shopping mall, where you can find just about everything you might need – from groceries and clothing to collectibles and hard-to-find replacement parts” (2008, para. 1). People can save their time on shopping and see different goods online. They even can find some special goods online that aren’t sold in the stores. So, online shopping is good for people who don’t have time to go out for shopping.

Next, online shopping is safer than people think. People can use credit card to shop online. That is the safest way for online shopping. The credit card companies and famous websites both spent a lot of money for protecting consumers’ information (Protect Yourself, 2008). So, people feel free to shop online. Also, people can know how much they spent online as soon as possible. In “Five tips for safe online shopping” the author states, “With online account access, you don’t have to wait for your statement to arrive in the mail to see what’s been charges to your account. If someone has taken your card number and is using it, you will know within a day or two, and you can minimize the damage” (2008, para. 23). Therefore, people will be safe when shopping online.

Finally, people can compare the prices in different websites with different goods. “Online shopping has become a convenient alternative to the traditional brick-and-mortar store. It has provided a method of easily finding what you’re looking for or the best price without ever leaving your home, yet still some consumers still shy away because they believe it’s too risky” (Is using credit-card for online purchase safe?, 2008, para. 1). And sometimes the websites’ price will be cheaper than the stores because online shops will have extra discount. So, online shopping will save people’s money.

In conclusion, online shopping is better than usual shopping. People can save their time, power, and money. And it doesn’t have time limit because stores will close, but the online shop won’t. So, people can shop every time even in holidays or midnights. Online shopping makes people’s life improved. And online shopping will become necessary in our life. Therefore, people have to catch the trend now.

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