Practice Final

Yen-Jung Chen (Chen)
EAP2 WW- Practice Exam
December 3, 2008

Online shopping

Does shopping always make you tired? Do you feel upset that you cannot buy all things in one place? Now there is a new way for people can to shop easily. Online shopping is a new tendency for ways of shopping. Maybe you never shop online, but you should know what online shopping is. All things have both sides: positive and negative. Somebody thinks online shopping is good because that can save your time. But some people think online shopping has big risks. Although online shopping has different arguments, people cannot deny that online shopping is a global trend.

I believe that online shopping is good for our life. It makes our life become easier because people don’t have to take one or two hours to walk on streets. They can buy all things they need online. People don’t have to go out in winter or summer. They can just stay at home, open the computer and shop online. Also, shopping online is safe. People don’t have to worry about their information outflow. And people don’t have to go to many stores to find what they want or compare the prices. Online shopping can fix these questions at the same time. Therefore, online shopping has become popular now.

First, online shopping is convenient. In “Stay safe while shopping online” the author states, “There’s no question that shopping online is convenient. Online buying is not only a timesaver, but it allows you to get great deals when you compare prices of the same item from different online shops. The Internet is like a central shopping mall, where you can find just about everything you might need – from groceries and clothing to collectibles and hard-to-find replacement parts” (2008, para. 1). People can save their time on shopping and see different goods online. They even can find some special goods online that aren’t sold in the stores. So, online shopping is good for people who don’t have time to go out for shopping.

Next, online shopping is safer than people think. People can use credit card to shop online. That is the safest way for online shopping. The credit card companies and famous websites both spent a lot of money for protecting consumers’ information (Protect Yourself, 2008). So, people feel free to shop online. Also, people can know how much they spent online as soon as possible. In “Five tips for safe online shopping” the author states, “With online account access, you don’t have to wait for your statement to arrive in the mail to see what’s been charges to your account. If someone has taken your card number and is using it, you will know within a day or two, and you can minimize the damage” (2008, para. 23). Therefore, people will be safe when shopping online.

Finally, people can compare the prices in different websites with different goods. “Online shopping has become a convenient alternative to the traditional brick-and-mortar store. It has provided a method of easily finding what you’re looking for or the best price without ever leaving your home, yet still some consumers still shy away because they believe it’s too risky” (Is using credit-card for online purchase safe?, 2008, para. 1). And sometimes the websites’ price will be cheaper than the stores because online shops will have extra discount. So, online shopping will save people’s money.

In conclusion, online shopping is better than usual shopping. People can save their time, power, and money. And it doesn’t have time limit because stores will close, but the online shop won’t. So, people can shop every time even in holidays or midnights. Online shopping makes people’s life improved. And online shopping will become necessary in our life. Therefore, people have to catch the trend now.

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Abigayle said...

Nice post..! Nowadays, online shopping is already very common for everybody especially for women.