journal #1

In my life, there is a person change my so much. He is my club teacher in school. When I was in hight school, everyone had to join one club. And my roommate introduced me to join her club. That was my first time know about that club and this club changed me a lot. This club is about helping children. We will go to different elementary school and teach some children. During that time, the teacher teach me a lot like how be become out going person and to be friendly to everyone. I have to say that I changed a lot that time. I like this change because I have more and more friends. I appreciate that teacher. And the other person effect me a lot is my mom. She always tell me to be an independent girl. When I was child, I didn't know why my mom said that. And I hated to be an independent girl because I always wanted someone be with me. But my mom said I had to learn to be invidious. After I am living out, I finally understand that meaning. Because there's no one can really be with you. You have to learn live by yourself. I think when someone tell you something at that timing, maybe you can't understand why they say that. But when that real happen, you will final understand why they say that. It sounds weird, but it's true.

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Anna said...

Your mom was wise to encourage you to be more independent. That is something that has most likely served you well living abroad.