journal #6

i hope this is the last term i am here. i want to go to SIU~~~~. But that didn't mean i don't like CESL. I like cesl for sure. At here i know the other world than before such as different teaching skill and different people. I think i am here is happier than i was in Taiwan. I still can remember my first day i came here. And i really cannot forgot my first term here. I was in AE2 in that term. Because that is my first term here, so everything is new and unbelievable for me. I think i had a good teacher in my first term is lucky or i will think america is a strange place XD. There are too many memories in here, in Carbondale. It opened my mind, changed my life, and made many friends. I think i am lucky. When my friends study really hard in Taiwan, i am happy learning here. Some friends really cannot forgot the period when they abroad. Me, too. But the different is i still here but they went back.
AE2 is my happiest term because less stress and not much homework. And i met my first friend here. Sometime it is hard to say or explain, but it is in my mind. That is a memory i will always think again and again. Even though students are always complain CESL gave us too many homework, they still like CESL. Because of CESL, we can meet together. By the way, tea time is always a good memory XD. I won't say i want to take CESL again because people need to improve. But I will remember the time I am here.

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