journal #5

i think that is hard for me to think about the nervous time. i think my nervous always take long period. i stil remember the fisrt time i got nervous. that was in my junior high school. it is a music class, we had to sing in front of the class. that is really embarrassing because i am not a good singer. i was very very nervous when the number before me was singing because the next one was me!!!!!!!!!!!!
i even wanted to run out of the class....for sure, i didn't sing well because of nervous. that is my fisrt nervous experience. i hope i won't have twice. but that is impossible...so, i actually had my second nervous period. that was my first time came here at june last year. i was really nervous because that was the first time i took airplane by myself. i was afraid anything. i thought i will take the wrong plane to a strange place.XD i think i really don't like the feeling of nervous even though some people said nervous can improve you become better. but i think that is wrong, nervous always make me feel bad and less successful in the work. so, i hate nervous!!! GO AWAY~

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Anna said...

I was in choir in High school and I used to get so nervous that I had to sing in front of teacher in another room for tests. When I got nervous my voice would shake so much!! I tried to forget about that time, but you reminded me of those horrible experiences...so sad...!