the mooncakes

Hey guys, see you again. I think this topic is very clear to you to understand what i am talking
about. Right! The Mooncakes. Why were I choose this food? Because I like
too many foods, I cannot decise which one is the best. And then I think the Moon
Festival is comming, so maybe I can introduce you about the traditional festival in Taiwan.
See, why am I so smart?! HAAAAAA. OK. Be serious! Maybe you cannot really know what
the mooncakes are. But don't worry!!! After reading this article, you will konw. I am a good
teacher. :") just kidding. XD

First, what is the mooncake? The mooncake is a kind of cookie. But

there are somethings in it such as pineapple, mung beans, egg yolk and

so on. In Taiwan we won't eat the mooncake in usual days. We just eat

the mooncake on the Moon Festival or you can call the Mid-Autumn
Festival. By the way,

the Moon Festival of this year is on September 14, 2008. Actually, my mom mail me

the mooncakes. So ~ if you want to taste, please come to find
me!!!!!! I will very welcome or you can leave a message for me.

Second, how does it made? It made by flour, sugar, butter, oil, water.
You have to put them together and let them become a paste. Then
separate the paste to the small size and put what you want to eat inside. After that put them
into the toaster. Waiting about half hour, and you can eat. I will suggest you please do not make
by yourself. There are so many things to prepare. It will make you tired, so go to the store and
buy it. That's more easier. I am a lazy girl, haha.
I will talk more next time if you are interested in Taiwan's food. XD

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Anna said...

Your posts are so funny. I love to read them.
The mooncakes do sound good, so I would love to try them.
I think I have heard the story of the festival. It sounds very interesting and fun!