Journal Q2

Recently is our chinese new year. I want to introduce this holiday for everyone.=)
This holiday is include chinese culture and also chinese history.><" But new year is not just new year. It also combines our lunar calendar. Lunar calendar is very important to chinese. Before people do something big or important things such as marry or bury, people need to check the lunae calendar fist. If it says today is bad, people cannot do that. And it is difficult to explain why it cannot. I think other countries people will confuse that because they don't have this kind of culture. For instance, in chinese expectant mother cannot use scissors or move furniture in their room. Maybe some people will think that are weird. But that are the rules we follow. Culture in different countries are different especially Western and Eastern. Some people will think chinese culture is very mysterious. Because that iscludes so many things that science cannot explain. So, people have to learn different countries' culture and respect them. =]]] By the way, the holiday the most I like is Christman!!!!!!!!! Although thanksgiving is good shopping days..... But I like the snow and Santa,haha.XD

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Anna said...

You are right, Americans do think that China is mysterious for those reasons. I am curious as to the reason for some of those actions.