journal #4

I don't have any activity for Valentine's Day... One reason is that I don't have boyfriend and the second reason is I don't want to go out. It's coooooooooooold!!!=="
Each girl wants to be a princess. And they are waiting for their prince. BUT not all the men are goooood!!!! WATCH OUT!!@@
My mom told a sentence to me before that is " Boyfriends and husband are different."
I really agree with that. They are different!! Maybe I will be broke up with boyfriends, but husband won't. Ok...maybe it can be broke up with husband, but in common thought, it's not good for women, so we avoid to do it. In my mind, I have a perfect man. I know that is a dream because he is too perfect to live in the world!!! XDD
The man I want to get marry should be thin... because I don't like fat guy.... I know that is not good if I just look his outside. But that is important for me.XD I like handsome guy!! Also he should be good at sport because I like to exercise. So, he should like, too. ^///^ And the most important is responsibility !! I think men should have this characteristic because that will make women feel a sense of security. Don't you think that this is the most one all women will care? I listened my friends complain to me about their boyfriend. So, I think pick a right person is very important.

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Anna said...

You are too cute. Watch out for men, they are dangerous...also, I hope it gets warmer soon!