Movie is not so famous in Taiwan. Because in Taiwan the ticket is expensive....!!= =a
The poor students cannot pay this entertainment very often. We just can wait for the DVD...(sad...). But if the film is very charming us, we will go to the theater. Bexause We CANNOT wait!!!! The foreign movie is very popular. Don't ask me....I don't know why... OH YEAH!! Maybe is the foreign men and women are too handsome and beauitful. Maybe Taiwanese movie has less market. Maybe Taiwanese don't want to see Taiwanese in the movie, you know let is very..... weird...!_"_

I like all of the romantic and happy endind movie. I don't like to see the tragedy. In the real life, romantic and happy ending are very less in it. OF COURSE! You have to see something perfect in the movie. Then you will think OH~The World Still PERFECT!!! I know I an cheating myself...

Oh ! The best film I like is ""PRIDE & PREJUDICE"".

Elizabeth and Darcy are look so classical and noble. And the British they say are so pleasant to hear. I like the scenes also. especially Darcy ask Elizabeth to marry him in the rain. OOOOOOOOOOh....SO HandSome!!!!!!!!!
I really want to say I DO!!! hahaha

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Anna said...

You are so cute.

I love that movie too.