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Have you ever watched about operas? If not, I really suggest you to watch operas. It's not like pop or rock music. This picture is an opera about Notre-Dame de Paris. I first time saw that was 10 years old. But I was too young to understand that, so I feel bored and confuse. After five years, I saw that again. This time I am very enjoy the opera. And then I am addicted to opera. When a new opera present, I will ask my mom go to see the performance. And my favorite opera is Romeo and Juliet. It's a sad story and the main characters are very handsome and beautiful. These opera is talking about that the Capulets and the Montagues had been fighting with each other for years. In the party, Romeo loved Juliet at the first sight, and Juliet loves Romeo, too. Therefore, Romeo invited the Friar, Laurence, to marry them.The next day, Romeo told the good news to nurse of Juliet, but later Romeo had a fight with Tybalt and kills him. Therefore, Romeo was exiled. At that time, Juliet promised to marry to Paris. The Friar talked Juliet that has a drug that will make Juliet appear dead for 42 hours, and Juliet took it. Therefore, Juliet was sent to the burial vault of the Capulets. The far-away Romeo heard the bad news and thought it was true because the Friar didn't take the letter on time. Romeo bought poison for die with Juliet. At that night, Romeo arrived at the burial vault, and came across Paris then killed him. Romeo took Paris to the burial vault and drank poison. Later, Laurence came on and Juliet was awake. She saw Romeo die so she took a dagger and stabbed herself. After hearing the news, the Capulets and the Montagues also came. By hearing the explanation of Laurence, they decided to make friends again. If you are interested in operea, you can see Romeo and Juliet at first time!!

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Anna said...

That story is very famous. I have never seen an Opera but I would love to someday!