In Taiwan, tea is very famous and popular. I think is Taiwan's weather is very good for growing tea trees. Of course, I like to drink tea, milk tea, green tea, and oolong tea. They real taste gooooooooood!!!

If you come to Taiwan, there is one thing you can not miss. "MILK TEA"

Milk tea is black tea mix milk. But in Taiwan, we put the pearl in tea. Not real pearl, pearl is one kind of food in Taiwan. In America, I real miss pearl milk tea....
And it also not expensive just a dollar!!
In taiwan i drink pearl milk tea almost every day.
But it has many calories.
If you drink a lot, you will get fater and fater.
Just like me haha
so don't drink too much if you drink it.

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Anna said...

I have had it before at Bubble Tea though I'm sure it's better in Taiwan.