In Taiwan, every school students wear uniform until university. Different school has different uniform. This is my school's uniform for exercise. There are my friends. Some students will choice uniform first then school. They study these school because there uniforms are beautiful.

Hight school in Taiwan is students nightmare because students have to study all day even in weekend. They want to get in a good university so they have to study hard than others. And parents will compare their friends whose daught or son get in a good university or bad. Also, parents will choice the major what they like for their children such as lawyer or doctor.

The special day in school is sports day. We will wear our major's uniform.

In my school different major have different uniform. the uniform design by students not school.

In sports day, we don't have class. we just go to school and cheer for our team.
This is the 400m race for boys .

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Anna said...

That really interesting! Thanks for sharing pictures of high school with me. It seems interesting to me that different countries have students to begin to choose their specializations in high school. Some American students don't even begin to think about that until they are Juniors in college!!