Summary Response practice #1

Yen-Jung Chen (Chen)

Writing- summary response

October 20, 2008


Animals ‘Hit by Global Warming’


In Hirsch’s (2008) article, “Animals ‘hit by global warming,’” he states that the environmental problem is getting serious. Many species are threatened with no habitat or food because icebergs dissolve or deserts extend. According to the scientists’ research, some species can adapt to this kind of condition. For example, migratory birds fly to a warming place. But still some group of animals cannot adapt to this climate change, such as polar bears. Because the ocean rises, polar bears’ habitat was covered. Therefore at the end of the meeting, chiefs want to find a way to solve this problem to help animals live. Because of that, if people don’t do anything, animals have no chance to live.

The author’s statement is right. People should do something for species because people have destroyed the environment deeply. Therefore animals don’t have a place to live or food to eat. Human has responsibility to solve environment problem. It is not too late to rescue this situation. Although environment problems have to take a long time to solve, if everyone can do some small things, the environment will be better than now. There are three ways that people can do to help the environment, planting trees, turning off the electronic equipment, and reducing air pollution.

First, planting trees is a way to spread to the future, because a tree’s life is longer than humans. People have to think about after and prepare for the future. Planting trees is the best way to reduce air pollution because trees can make oxygen. People cut trees more and more, but they didn’t think about the environment. Thus, carbon becomes more and more, because people cut trees down. Then carbon hurts ozone. Earth becomes warmer than before. Then icebergs dissolve. The land is covered by the water. Some habitat was disappeared. Planting trees’ effect is not showing quickly, but people still should plant trees. Rome was not built in a day. Environment problem also cannot be solved in recent years. But if people can do this right now, one day the environment will show what people do before.

Second, we should turn off electronic equipment after we use it. For example, people can turn off the light before leaving. If everyone does this, people can reduce a lot of power use. In many countries, most electronics are made by nuclear energy. But nuclear energy will produce nuclear waste. Nuclear waste is very harmful to the environment.  However, people cannot stop using electronic equipment because people’s life depends on electronics. But people can decrease unnecessary power usage. Then, the environment problem might be controlled. And the species can be protected also.

Third, if everyone can try to reduce technology use, I believe that the air pollution will be reduced. Now technology has made people’s lives more convenient and has supported the economy. For instance, people use cars and motorcycles, rather than using bicycles or walking. We have factories instead of handiwork. But when people benefit from what technology gives, they don’t think more about what bad influence it has on the environment. In recent years, people have started noticing that the environment has been hurt by technology. The most important problem is air pollution. Air pollution that people made is more than people think. That’s why the ozone broke. Because ozone broke, people have begun to face this serious air pollution problem that people created. And people have started to think of the way to reduce the pollution and reduce technology people use. For example, people can take a walk or use public transportation instead of private cars..

In conclusion, the environment’s problem is not a personal problem, but is a worldwide problem. It can influence humans and animals. There are so many factors that cause the environment problem. But the most important thing is people’s mind. That is because if people want the environment to get better, they will try hard to solve these problems with many ways and much money. People just have only one earth. If people don’t protect it, then there is no place to live. Thinking about the environment before people do something will hurt the environment. We should protect the environment from usual life.








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