EAP2 WW- Fluency Exercise #1

Yen-Jung Chen (Chen)

EAP2 WW- Fluency Exercise #1

October 16, 2008




Travel is an important part in people’s life now. People want to go traveling for relaxation. But there are so many ways people can choose such as by plane, car or train. Which way will be the most comfortable for people is very considerable. For me, I will choose car. First, people can stop the place what they want. For example, the train only can stop by train station and plane also just can stop by airport. But the car can stop next to the road or where people want. Second, people don’t have time limited. For example, people have to follow the schedule the train stations or airports express. But if people drive by themselves, they don’t have this problem. People can decide the time they want. Also people don’t have to worry if they cannot catch the train or plane. As the result, I choose car more than other ways because it is comfortable and convenient. 

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