EAP2 WW- Fluency Exercise #3

Yen-Jung Chen (Chen)

EAP2 WW- Fluency Exercise #3

October 28, 2008


Language Learning


Learning a second language is not easy for most people because different languages have different rules. And that is difficult for people who have already gotten used to their own language. Language is a thing to show a countries history and is also close to daily life. In my opinion, learning a second language, the best way is to live in a local city. It is better and more useful than when people learn languages in their own country. This is because people can learn local slang or teenager words when people live in a local city. But if people want to try this way, they have to have a lot of money. So if people don’t have enough money to go abroad, they can read some second language novels or chat with people who are foreigners online. Both ways are the ways to connect to a local city.  That is because they will use some words different from textbooks. Learning a second language is not difficult or impossible; people just need to practice and practice. 

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