summary response#1

Yen-Jung Chen (Chen)

EAP2 WW-Summary Response #1

October 22, 2008


Ocean ghosts wait the unwary; Marine life


In Blacklock’s (2008, October 15) article, “Ocean ghosts wait for the unwary; Marine life,” she states that ghost nets have become a worldwide and serious problem. Discarded nets kill many species in the ocean, which include the Olive Ridley Turtle. Some groups of people want to solve this problem. For example, they have created a program which removes a lot of nets. But they cannot solve the problem exactly; the local people are the important people who can solve the problem. Therefore the government has to help fishers stop using the nets and establish some program which is about environmental protection. If fishers don’t use nets, the sea animals might have more protection and they can live longer.

The author’s opinion is right. People have to stop using nets. If people want to rescue this situation, the only way is to stop using nets. Nets kill many species including endangered animals. But nets are not the only way which can hurt animals. People throw the trash to the ocean which also can cause animals’ death. Factories pollutants and hot water are discharged into ocean, and then the ocean loses its balance of temperature. People should pay more attention to the ocean. Then the ocean won’t be sick.

First, there are some area people who still use nets when they are fishing. But they don’t know that nets will kill endangered animals. The government should increase fishers’ environmental knowledge. For example, government can make a program about how it is harmful for ocean animals if people use nets. Olive Ridley Turtle is getting less and less and that’s because people use nets. If people don’t stop this action, Olive Ridley Turtle will disappear one day.

Second, Olive Ridley Turtle die quickly because they are confused about trash and food. Turtle cannot separate them, so they eat trash when they are hungry. And there is so much pollution in trash, turtle will be sick and die if they eat it. The number of Olive Ridley Turtle is very small, so people have to pay more attention to them. If people don’t care about them, the turtle will die quickly. What people should do is stop throwing trash into ocean. And clean the ocean as much as possible. Then turtle will have a clean space to live.

Third, People cannot eliminate this problem, but people can reduce the damage. For example, factories discharge hot and polluted water into the ocean after they use it. Then water flows into the ocean, and pollution also flows into the ocean. Pollution makes some base animals die, and turtles don’t have food to eat. Then turtles die. Also the hot water makes turtle die. The hot water will raise the ocean’s temperature, but the turtle cannot adapt to the temperature. Then turtle becomes weaker and weaker and they die. People won’t stop doing this action because factories support economics. People need factory work. But people can do some remedy. For instance, people can filter pollution and cool the water. When the water flows into the ocean, it will be less harmful to the ocean.

In conclusion, people should stop doing something that will hurt ocean animals. People don’t notice ocean animals because they live in the ocean, which is a world that people don’t know. And people think the ocean is very big, so people throw anything in the ocean. People don’t have enough knowledge about the ocean environment. People should raise their awareness and affect others. Then the ocean environment will be noticed and focused on. The ocean animals will have more protection.









Blacklock, E. (2008, October 15). Ocean ghosts wait for the unwary; Marine life. Sydney Morning Herald. Retrieved October 23, 2008, from LexisNexis Academi.

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