I never have boyfriend. I think is that the gooooooooood boy is extinct.....T^T
I think have a bf is good. When you sad or happy, you can share emotion to him. And you can 
have the same memories. But my mom say, "you cannot have bf until you get in university." So...
I am a good daughter =) And my friends have bad experience about their relationship...
They tell me how their bf do something they don't like and then they fight..... gosh...!!
It is so terrible. Why women have to have bf ? I think women can be independent. No men is 
fine!!!!!  No one will control your emotion. You don't have to worry about if he doesn't love you.

I am a girl. And girls always have beautiful image. I think my bf don't have to be handsome but 
cannot be ugly. And he must can cook. I like the man who can cook very well. =) I think that because my father is a good cooker. And he has good at sport. The same reason upper. My father can play tennis very well.XD  I think I have some Electra complex...maybe..haha  

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tom said...

hmmm...maybe you're just waiting for the right guy...