break time

After CESL finish, I always happppppppppppppppy!!! because i can relax finally~ho...

During the CESL term, I alwats busy. So I usually sleep at least one day after CESL end.

But sleep all day is very boring, so I will go shopping!!haha

Walmart, U-mall are the place I usually go. But I don't have much money.....so sometime I just window shopping XD. I sometime will take a walk around my house, looking the tree or people.

It 's very funny when you stop and look. And I also will hand out with my friend.
This picture is we went to my friend's house. It's a potluck party. After eating, we are playing mahjung. Mahjung, a chinese game, is very similar to poker. The green things on the table is Mahjung. It's not difficult to learn but when you begin to play, you will be confused. Because the rules are very complex. After playing tree or four times, you will get better.XDD
Mahjung become my favorite game when my free time. But don't play too much, that is what my mom tall meXD.

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Anna said...

I think it would be interesting to learn to play that game. Maybe someday you could teach me?