Yen-Jung Chen (Chen)
November 18, 2008


My favorite dish is rice porridge. But I didn’t cook well; my father cooks more delicious food than I do. This dish is very complex to make, because it has a lot of steps and food. According to my father, at first, you have to put ribs into hot water and cook them about two or three hours. That is for the soup, to make soup that has more nutrition. Next, put rice that you haven’t cooked into the soup. That will make rice more delicious. This step needs about half hour. And then, put in fish, vegetable, eggs, shrimps, mushrooms, bamboo shoots and meat. Then you have to make sure all food has cooked very well. And cook all food on a small fire and close the cover. After one hour, you can eat it. This dish has to take a long time. I am lazy and some food I cannot find in America. So, I have never cooked this food since I came here. I really miss this food my father made.

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