the time i am alone

I am a strange person, I think. I like the time alone more than the time with friends. There is a sentence say that you have to enjoy the time alone first, then you can enjoy the tome with friends. Even though I like alone, I still will spend sometime with my friends. When I with friends, I think I am not me. I think everyone will pretend something or hide something. So, I don' t like the me when I pretend. So, I like the time alone. I can relax myself. No one will see how crazy I am. I can shout. I can sing. I can do whatever I want and don't have to care others. But the most time when I am alone, I always think. Thinking what should I do in the future, the relationship, and my family. Sometime I will write them down, but usually I just let them go. My friends like to go to the beach when they are alone. But I just want to stay at my room and lack the door. No one can bother me. But sometime I will talk to my best friends and after talking we will go shopping. I think I like alone because you can have your own quite space. After I spend the time alone, I will feel more power. Then I can fight again!!!!

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