EAP2 WW- Fluency Exercise #5

Yen-Jung Chen (Chen)
EAP2 WW- Fluency Exercise #5
November 6, 2008

Language Learning

Remembering vocabulary is the hardest part in learning a language. There are three situations that happened often when people remember the vocabulary. First, people can remember, but they forget soon. Second, people mix all the vocabulary together. Third, people cannot remember the vocabulary. I think my problems are the first one and second one. So, the best way for me to remember the vocabulary is to write them on a paper and paste them on the wall of my room, table…where I can see and notice easily. That will help me to review all the time. And if I see them many times, I can remember them quickly. Then, I try to use them often; if people use a world one time, two times or more, that world will be yours.

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