my dreams

My dream often change quickly. When I was child, I wished I can be a teacher likes my mom. But when I was teenager, I did't want to be a teacher anymore. I thought that because I knew more about the world. And when I was senior high student, I wanted to be a secretary. Because I thought secretaries looks very pretty and competent. But after two weeks, I changed my mind. Because my classmate affected me. She wanted to be an airplane stewardess. So, I wanted to be the same with her. Of couse! I changed my mind again. I want to earn much money!!!!!! But I don't decide my job yet. I think if I want to earn much money. The first thing I should is improving my ability. But I think I am not a smart girl. So I will afraid that I cannot reach that goal and easy to give up. Sometime I will think what should I do if I don't have ant ability. Will I have a job in the future? Or I will be a beggar.
I think the horriblest thing is you never don't know what happen in the future.

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Anna said...

There are many options available to you if you work hard for them. I don't think your dreaming should be limited because you feel like you have no talent for anything. Just find what you have a passion for and go for it!!!