Yen- Jung Chen (Chen)
November 19, 2008


If you ask me which city is good for visit, my answer is Japan. I went to Japan with my mom when I was a child. Everything is so cute and beautiful there. I still can remember some cute stuff. The most special thing is that Japan has a lot of cartoons. And they make the roles become real stuff such as watches, pens, bags, and so on. Last time I went to Japan, I bought a Hello Kitty doll, although it cost me much money. Some people like Japan because of sushi, sashimi or plum wine, but I go to Japan just for Hello Kitty. Also, I like to go skiing in Japan, because it doesn’t snow in Taiwan. And Japanese chocolate taste very good. Everyone should buy it. I recommend people should go to Japan and buy a lot of chocolate and small stuff. But people have to notice one thing: controlling your money. If you don’t, you will be broke after you travel, because Japanese prices are very high.

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