happy memories

I always remember the new year's time. That is the time we can meet our relatives. Also children can get many red envelpoes form our parent. we will eat together and chat all night. I like the time because when I was a child only that days I didn't have to go to bad early. I can play all night!
The time with my friends also is a good memory. During the weekends or vocation, we will meet together to do something. Something we will chating or shopping. Sometime we just search some delicious foods and eat. we don't have secret between us. we shared all things together. Although I am in America now, I can still remember the time we had.
I thing abroad always are a good memory. I can remember my first time I go abroad. Some travel I even can remember the specific details.
I thing because of memories, that make our life more splendid. When you are old, you still have remember something that make your life interesting. Create memories when you are young, that will make you life better. That is my friend told me. And I always believe that. So, I try to create memories every moment.

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