halloween vs ghost month

In my countey, we don't have any holiday in this month. But we do have a month about dead.
In chinese lunar calender, July is the month about dead. In 7th, July, the day there is a door open for ghosts. It means that in ordinary days ghosts cannot get into this world until 7th, July. And people will prepare some food and offer sacrifice to them. The door will close at the end of July. Ghosts will go back to the nether world again until next July. In that month, people will avoid next to water or take planes. Because In chinese custom, ghosts will catch someone to substitute for ghosts. Then if ghosts catch someone, ghosts can have life again. People will care their action and the words our use. Because people cannot say somethong or do something that are unpolite to ghosts. And people will go to temple to pray for safety.
In July, there are so many movies about ghosts because July is the month for ghosts. So movies will be more horrible than usual monthes. And teenager will go to theater and see. But I am very scared to ghosts, so I won't do that.

Because other pictures are too scared, so .....I don't have courage to put them on my blogger.
I just put two pictures which are not so scared. XD

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Anna said...

You always make me smile. Even when you are talking about Ghosts. >_<